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General Questions
How do I place an order?
You can place an order by phone, e-mail, or fax.

What is necessary to place an order?
To place an order for contract printing we need your purchase order, shipping destination, and art all sent to us. For embroidery please send information to: or fax to 410-247-2527. For screen printing please send information to: or fax to 410-247-2527. We do understand that many times you have your own purchase order forms, if you use your own, please make sure all the same information is listed in detail. Please keep in mind we cannot place an order without all information having been received.

How do I pay for my order?
Payments can be made in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). Please indicate method of payment when placing your order.

Do I get to see a "sample" before you print my order?
Yes. After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail virtual paper proof and a sew-out for embroidery showing how your artwork will appear on the actual product that you are ordering. Production does not begin until we receive an artwork approval from you and have all products in house.

What is the minimum order for embroidery and screen printing?
There is no minimum order for embroidery. For screen printing we can do 1 color imprints on orders as small as 1 piece (if more colors are required, please call for a quote). Our minimum for 6-color imprints is 12 pieces, unless your garments are for sports teams receiving names and numbers on their garments; this is the only exception to our 12 piece minimum. Anything more then 6 colors will need a 24-piece minimum.

What is the proof approval process?
On all new orders we will be sending you an art proof for your review. This proof will state the size, colors and overall location of your embroidery/print job. Please make sure to look over the proof carefully as once it is approved we will be printing exactly that. Proofs are issued in about 1-2 business days after all forms and art have been received. If you do not receive a proof in that time frame please bring that to our attention, as we are not aware you didn’t receive it. Sometimes wrong emails are listed or lost in cyberspace. Also, we do ask that you set your email account to send a confirm receipt of emails when in the proof/approval process. If we do not receive your art approval we cannot proceed with your job.

How long does it take to receive my order?
It depends on what you are ordering. The typical production time for most embroidery and custom printed products is 5-7 business days from final art approval. This doesn’t include shipping time, which is determined by your state. Please call to verify that we can meet your order-in-hand requirements. Sometimes during busy seasons we may extend our production time-frame to 7-10 buisness days.

What about RUSH jobs?
Rush jobs are completed in less than 3 business days after the final approval of your art and are subject to a 20% addition to your total. We do require that you call ahead first to make sure we are able to handle your rush job before garments are sent to us, as we do not always have an open spot on our presses for such jobs. If you do send your garments to us without checking to make sure if we can handle your job, and at that time we are not able to rush the job, we will not be responsible for freight back to you.

Re-Orders/Same As Last order?
Re-orders consist of jobs using the exact art of a previous order. We will pull your existing film and reference the re-order P.O. to make sure it is accurate. If any changes are made to the existing art, such as text edits or color changes, this will be considered a new order and not a re-order. Therefore, if you have changes please submit the new information, indicating that you’re picking up old art with new changes. Do not list this as a re-order if any changes have been made. If you have indicated on your P.O. that this is a re-order, and there is a text change, we are not responsible if your order is filled using the existing artwork. If a P.O. indicates a re-order, we may not catch any changes you made.

If I reorder, do you keep my artwork or screens?
We keep your artwork on file indefinitely. However, we do not keep screens as we remake the screens for every order. Unless you are going to place another order within 30 days, you will be charged for the screens on all reorders.

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Garment Information
How do I know how many stitches are in my design?
You can either have it professionally estimated by someone you have used before or you can send your image along with information about your order (amount of pieces you plan on doing, time you need it by, etc) to subject RFQ (Request for Quote); you will receive a response within 4 hours of your submission either with the stitch count, or advising you that more time is needed in order to have our digitizer 'trace' it for accuracy in stitch count.

Can I provide the Embroidery Tape?
Absolutely, but if you do, it must be requested on your PO and we cannot be held responsible for how it sews. A swatch will be sewed out, and you will be proofed with it. Should any corrections/adjustments be needed, you need to let us know at the time of proofing. Tape edits are $25.00. If you need to touch and feel the swatch, let us know, as well and it will be mailed to you.

Do you do Patches?
NO… We are a direct embroiderer only.

What is your turn around time for Embroidery?
On a normal order, your expected processing time is between 7 and 10 business days. Larger orders, multiple locations and individual personalization’s will require a longer production time, please make sure you are placing your order with enough time to process. Rush orders need at least 24-hour notice to be put on the schedule. Rush orders are produced in under 7 business days and are subject to a 30% rush fee addition to your invoice.

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Artwork Information

What kind of artwork files do you accept?
We accept many types of art files. Acceptable computer files: Adobe Illustrator saved down to version 10.0 .ai, .pdf, or .eps. All fonts must be created to outlines and placed images must be embedded under the links option. Corel Draw files must be exported as an .ai file. All fonts must be converted to curves (created to outlines). Tiff’s, jpg’s or gif files are subject to review with a probable art charge if the logo cannot be viewed due to poor resolution. Black and white or color laser printout on 8 1/2” x 11” paper will also be accepted. Call for review when submitting these types of files for production art. If emailing art please zip or stuff all art files before sending and e-mail to: We also accept cds, flash disks, memory sticks, hard copies and faxes as long as there is enough detail. If mailing, please mail to: Magic Stitch ‘N Graphics 42 Alco Place Baltimore, MD 21227.

My artwork needs some "touch-up". Is there a charge for that?
Yes, there will be an artwork charge. The charge is determined by the level of “touch-up” that your design will require.

I don’t have a design. Is there a charge to make a design for me?
It depends. We offer many free of charge art services, including text only designs, and custom designs from our stock templates. If you want us to create a custom design for you based on your ideas or sketches, there will be a charge.

What is the largest size that can be printed on a T-Shirt?
The maximum image size that we offer is 15” X 17.”

Can I have different ink colors on different color shirts?
Yes. However, each ink color change will incur an ink color change charge of $5.00 per color wash up charge.

How do I know how many stitches are in my design?
You can either have it professionally estimated by someone you have used before or you can send your image along with information about your order (amount of pieces you plan on doing, time you need it by, etc) to or go to our pricing request page; you will receive a response within 1 day of your submission either with the stitch count, or advising you that more time is needed in order to have our digitizer ‘trace’ it for accuracy of stitch count.

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Shipping Information
How do I know when my order has shipped?
Unless contacted, your order should ship according to your due date or sooner. If a tracking number is needed please indicate that on your purchase order. You must provide the email address that you wish to be notified with, which we enter when processing your shipment, and then when the package is picked up by UPS it is scanned and an email is automatically sent to you. This applies to FedEx shipments as well.

I need my order shipped to a residential address, are shipping methods different if it is not being sent to a business?
Yes. UPS and FedEx up charge about $5 extra for residential deliveries. It must be specified on your Shipping Form whether the address is commercial or Residential. We reserve the right to adjust your invoice accordingly if you have supplied incorrect information.

How can I get an estimated shipping cost for my order?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue price quotes for shipments due to differences in methods, box quantity, sizes, and weights, etc. You can use the UPS website and their “Calculate Time and Cost” option there. You can also check the FedEx website for a similar tool.

What if I already have an order in-house and need to change the shipping information?
You can email or fax the updated information to which ever department is handling your order and they will adjust it accordingly on the Purchase Order.

I have my own UPS/FedEx account; can I use my own account number for shipments
Absolutely. Our default shipping method is UPS ground service. You can have us ship it on our account, and the amount will be added to your order invoice, or you can have us use your account, by supplying us with your shipper’s account information. If you do use your account, a handling fee will be added to your invoice. Shipping insurance will only be applied if requested on your P.O.

Can you ship Internationally?
Yes. Anywhere in the world where UPS or FedEx deliver since they are our preferred carriers. We also ship orders via USPS, as well as a small percentage of DHL when you supply the account number to ship from. We do have a service charge for shipping anything internationally.

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Contact Information
We have teams to ensure your orders are well taken care of:

Screen Printing
Doug Glassband
Coordinator of Screen Printing

Coordinator of Embroidery

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To order Magic products by phone, please call 410-247-2477.

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